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Budget Transparency - Public Safety -  Water Planning - Accountability - 

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Like many of you, I have the passion and desire to see the Town of Monument prosper. We are a small community with a huge heart, filled with people who want only the best for our families and neighbors. Elected officials need to balance the desire to remain as a small town community with the need for revenue and growth . Elected officials also need to work to maintain our public safety and infrastructure so we feel secure. This is why I am running for Trustee of Monument. 

I have the background and skills the Town needs. My experience as a Risk and Opportunity Manager has trained me to look into the future, find potential problems, and find efficient and effective solutions. I also have experience with working with large budgets and staff. I have already identified cost savings that will pay for additional Police Officers and a new Water Tank!

I have experience with government, having been elected to my (former) town's Budget Committee and as a State Representative. Knowing how government works will be an advantage. I have attended neary every Board of Trustees meeting for over a year. I know what is going on. I can hit the ground running!

I would like to thank my family and friends that encouraged me to run. I appreciate all who have volunteered their time and support. 

It is time that we start a new beginning.  


As Trustee I pledge I will work to make the Monument government as honest, transparent, and hard working as those that I serve. I am asking for your vote.

Many of you may know me. You know my heart, and you know my love for where we live. We have a lot to do and I look forward taking this journey with you.



  • Former Elected NH State Representative
  • Vice Chair of Town Budget Committee
  • Road Safety Advocate -Fix I-25 NOW!
  • 29 years of Business Experience (budgeting, audits, and program mangement)


The Hon. Joseph Lachance

"Colorado, you have the real deal here. I know Ann Howe from New Hampshire and will tell you she is all about the people and our country. Ann Howe will make a great Trustee and as a former State Representative from the "Live Free or Die" state, I wholeheartedly encourage you to vote for Ann Howe as she will represent you well."

R. Rhodes

"A little off topic, but I had the pleasure of meeting with Ann Howe for a little one-on-one Saturday. I want to say she is amazing. She has one of these rare qualities as a politician that she is more worried about the people and the issues than herself. She made a brief comment about herself but the entire conversation revolved around Bullying and Children Suicide Prevention. I implore, no beg, anyone that is in her district to vote for her. You can not go wrong with a politician that cares more for the people and issues than their ego. Thank you Ann Howe for your time Saturday. We will be in touch."

Anne Marie Pacitto

Regarding a car crash - "We KNEW this would happen at the Baptist Rd. King Sooper! Cmon! Huge accident. Thank God they put a new light at Highway 83 and Highway 105. Ann Howe, you are SO on it. "


Patricia W. 

"Thank you Ann Howe for all the tenacious work you are putting into this initiative (I-25); and thanks be to God for always listening to people. ...

Ann is the best, she has all the people first on her agenda for not only Colorado Springs, but for the entire State of Colorado. She knows El Paso County and their needs - she is a WORKER and walks the talk."


Budget Transparency

The town is facing several financial issues and we need to find  ways to address them without raising taxes.  We are a prosperous town, and can more effectively use tax dollars to pay for resolving these issues.  My background and experience with budgets will allow me to hit the ground running to address these issues.

Public Safety

As populations rise, crime follows. I will ensure we have the right number of officers and that they have the equipment they need to keep us safe. Monument residents deserve to feel safe and secure. I attended the budget workshop and listened to the Chief's requests. I have identified enough cost savings to pay for those additional officers and equipment.

Water Planning

Plan for future needs now! We have a patchwork of water systems in the area, each of which serves the residents of Monument and surrounding neighbors. We must work together to find a regional solution, since many of the water sources are shared. I have spoken with El Paso County officials and the Triview Director. We have a solution that will provide an ample supply of water now, and well into the future. It will cost significantly less than the proposed reuse system, while still leveraging water reuse technology. We have solutions!



We have recently experienced a lack of transparency and accountability. I pledge that I will always be open and upfront with what is happening with the town. Communication is key to effecient management of the town. With your help, we can eliminate the confusion of the past and move forward to more effective town government with transparency and accountability. 


I have the experience in the private sector and in Government to start making changed immediately.  I have built a rapport with town employees, as well as many officials in El Paso County, which I can use to benefit the Town.Look for decisive action to put the Town back on track, after I am elected. . Because that is what you should expect. And that is what you deserve. 

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